Johanna Warren Lessons for Mutants


Oct 7th, 2022

Lessons for Mutants is the sixth solo LP by prolific songwriter Johanna Warren and her second for Wax Nine/Carpark Records. Lessons for Mutants was tracked live with a band to two-inch tape—a revelatory new way of working for Warren. The album’s running theme of metamorphosis reflects major changes in Warren’s personal life: after a decade of relentless touring, as the world was closing its borders, the American multi-instrumentalist unexpectedly found herself quarantining in rural Wales, where she’s now permanently homesteading. The body of work that emerged from this dramatic about-face is Warren’s most dynamic to date, shapeshifting seamlessly from searing punk screams to sparkly psych-folk soundscapes, from the bootleg ambivalence of Dylan’s Basement Tapes to cosmic stoner grooves reminiscent of Black Sabbath’s acoustic moments.


  1. I’d Be Orange
  2. Piscean Lover
  3. Oaths
  4. County Fair
  5. Tooth for a Tooth
  6. :/
  7. Lessons for Mutants
  8. Hi Res
  9. Good Is Gone
  10. Involvulus

Press Info

digital: 677517700756
LP: 677517700718
CD: 677517700725

Laura Stevenson
Haley Heyndrickx
Bill Callahan
Sinead O’Connor

North American publicity by Pitch Perfect
College/Non-Commercial and Commercial Specialty radio by Terrorbird
Sync licensing by Terrorbird
Music videos for “I’d Be Orange,” “Piscean Lover,” and “Tooth for a Tooth” in the works
Facebook boosted posts and targeted Instagram dark posts throughout campaign
Sixth studio album and follow-up to 2020’s breakout album Chaotic Good
Recorded in the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales
LPs produced using 100% recycled material. Each disc pressed on a unique, random color.
Vinyl includes digital download card
Touring in the works

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credit: Philip Randall

Artist Bio

Johanna Warren is no stranger to death. As a toddler she was notorious for jumping into the deep end of swimming pools when no one was watching. At nine she grew mysteriously ill, eventually fell into a coma and emerged with a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes, a condition that has consistently taken her back to what she describes as “liminal, mystical places” in bouts of extreme hypoglycemia. And at 23, Warren (at the time a staunchly cynical atheist) was in a fatal car crash that left her with an unshakably vivid experience with what seemed to be an angel.

This close collaboration with mortality and mystery is key to Warren’s artistic practice. Floating in the doorway between worlds, she has repeatedly found herself looking out at an ocean of etheric colored light and indescribably beautiful music—and been left with a feeling of purpose. “It’s the role of the artist to try to carry some of that beauty, even one tiny drop of it, back over the threshold,” explains Warren. “Of course it’s doomed to fail, but it’s a sacred failure.”

It makes sense, then, that Warren seems to make art like her life depends on it. Since self-releasing her debut solo album Fates in 2013 she has barely stopped touring, performing alongside similarly masterful artists including Mitski, Julie Byrne and Marissa Nadler. Her 2015 sophomore album nūmūn propelled her to the forefront of artists to watch, with Rolling Stone naming her an “Artist You Need to Know” and Stereogum citing her as a best of that year. In 2016 Warren founded Spirit House Records, an independent label that promotes a queer, artist-friendly ethos, and announced a twin pair of albums: Gemini I and II. The two LPs are in conversation with one another, offering glimpses of a passionately dysfunctional relationship—perhaps between two warring parts of the artist herself.  

Following the release of Gemini II Warren embarked on her extensive “Plant Medicine Tour” around the US. At every one of the 70+ shows, she welcomed local herbalists, farmers, and activists to share their work with attendees. In the spare moments between tour stops, Warren recorded her fifth solo album, Chaotic Good, at thirteen different studios around the US. It was released on Wax Nine/Carpark Records in 2020 to critical acclaim.

In addition to music, Warren has a love for acting. In October 2021, she premiered selected songs from a new musical adaptation of Euripides’ ancient tragedy The Bacchae, in which she plays both Pentheus and his mother Agave. She recently starred in forthcoming indie feature “She the Creator” (Bioluminescent Films) and lent her voice to Netflix series The Midnight Gospel

Currently homesteading in rural Wales, Warren spends her days foraging for wild medicinal plants and raising two dogs, four chickens and a vegetable garden. Lessons for Mutants is her sixth solo LP and second for Wax Nine/Carpark Records.