“Frantic Efforts to Avoid Real or Imagined Abandonment” & “Greedy” by Sascha Cohen

Illustration in blue, orange and yellow of a person lying down with their arm behind their head

Frantic Efforts to Avoid Real or Imagined Abandonment

I don’t want to take a deep breath
I want to lie down on the train tracks and look up at the sky

burrowing myself where the rusting metal meets the sun-warmed dirt
always a damsel, never a bride

You have a “go bag” for emergencies
I have an inert gas exit kit for self-deliverance (we are not the same)

What’s going on? I’m in this millennium and I don’t like it
I’m in this universe and I don’t like it, I’m in this body and

depending upon the kindness of strangers again,
I’m Google image searching

manmade horrors beyond your comprehension, I’m dancing
like I need the kind of attention

you people wouldn’t believe. Watch me.
Heart my photos. Text me back. Spit

into my mouth like it was your idea.


I wanted stacks of cash / laid out in rows / like fat trout on ice // I coveted shining jewels / like a
magpie // so I danced naked for the King, the room full of gentiles / paraded for the crowd like
the elephant man / showed them the folds of my skin / I was Anne Boleyn / the white neck / that
sucks the blade in // A philosopher once told me / while he was paying for my body on his lap /
we exist for such a small slice of eternity / it’s almost like we’re already dead / I said, but we still
have half a song left

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Sascha Cohen is a writer from Los Angeles. On Twitter: @SaschaSo70s

Chris Carreon is a jack of alright trades with an interest in music, drawing, taking photos, and petting dogs. He considers himself the Jackson Pollock of latte art. Follow what he’s been drawing and seeing on instagram @cereal_death / @cerealdebt.