“I Reinvented the Wheel and All I Got Was Run Over” & “I Read a Poet’s CV and It Was 14 Pages Long and Then I Went Into Fetal Position” by Molly Gorelick

Painting of person resting their head on their hands, with red textured background and offset white block

I Reinvented the Wheel and All I Got Was Run Over

I didn’t want kindergartens or subcommittees. You understand this. I surf the web for a
relic and all I find is religion. I masturbate to three-day work week porn. I think about
what I want and it’s a lot. Who witnesses me the best? I yell threats into a cavern and
there is no echo. No killers, no stupidity. Dirty duvet and stupid walls, stupid dresser and
stupid bed. The data has been compiled. Show me a graph. Tell me where I should

I Read a Poet’s CV and It Was 14 Pages Long and Then I Went Into Fetal Position

The clock’s tick is so funny to me. The wax figures at Madame Tussaud’s should
unionize. It’s not their fault they need dental so badly. What do you think the eczema on
my right palm says to the psychic who’s reading it? She’ll say it’s taking over my life line
and that I’m fucked. My problem is I see beauty in everything. This makes people upset.
I am a good consumer. It is righteous to drink Diet Coke while thinking ‘I am not a fun
person.’ A seal can balance a ball on its nose. If I could do that I would be a fun person.
What I want is ultimate leisure. To me, a poem is a genie and I am a spoiled brat. Think
about the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen and then superimpose me on top of it.
How much did the image change? I am possible soil. Imagine: I am on Earth and want
to enjoy it.

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Molly Gorelick is a poet who never leaves Pennsylvania. She is 24 years old and still wears her Uggs from when she was 12. Follow her on Instagram @mollygmollygmollyg.

Jessica Boudreaux is a music producer, songwriter and visual artist from Louisiana, currently based in Portland, Oregon. She produces pop music under her own name and has toured and released music with her rock band Summer Cannibals over the last 10 years. She also owns and operates a recording studio in Portland called Pet Club. Follow her on Twitter @scannibalsband or on Instagram @summercannibals.