“For Jerry” & “Both Lines Blue” by Matt Korvette

blue heart in pink flames on yellow background

For Jerry

When I told you
Don’t start nothing there won’t be nothing
All I was truly saying
Is I can’t handle my emotions

Travelers seeking a criminal coastal view
So why resist?

If the goal is to turn on
Everybody that can be turned on
The proper measures must be taken
To turn off everybody else

Both Lines Blue

Lowering his head to the table I watched his eyes close
Slow then sudden, fleshy bankruptcy
Called for two units of saline, four of pro (pofol)

His limbs arranged by their natural order
I was decisive in the first few cuts
Organs pleading with my rubber fingers

“ABG spiking!” the shout rang through the back of my head
Procedural sedation, futile airball at the final buzzer
And I remembered I was not a doctor nor would I ever be


Matt Korvette is best known as the lyricist and lead male vocalist of rock group Pissed Jeans. He publishes a monthly new music blog at yellowgreenred.com, and lives in Philadelphia.

Isabel Couchoud is a Spanish illustrator in her 20s, in strict quarantine at the moment trying to do the best of it, drawing, reading, video calls, bothering the cat…normal quarantine stuff. Recently, Isabel has worked with some cultural associations like Ca Saforaui and Skisomic Fest, and magazines like Nokton Magazine and Salty. Find her on Instagram