“notes app on night mode” and “wai t” by Lio Min

Collage of previous weeks' illustrations

notes app on night mode

Gender is like Treebeard: "Nobody is on our side"
4/20/19 so the whole thing's a joke
except it keeps you up at night until it's day
laughing with a mouth full of blood
laughing with a mouth full of water
laughing with a mouth full of seltzer
laughing with a mouth full of hard seltzer
literally unbelievable
a dog on her back with crooked legs in the air like an upturned bug
or a cat with a corner of banana bread clamped in her :3 mew mouth
absconding as the laugh track swells
I would laugh too, and so would you,
and no one can feel bad about it
no sore losing
for a moving target

wai t

magic hour in the   mountain's mouth:

a better day is coming — we all know for who —
and there's trying as a verb and trying as a noun, and I pick for meaning out of fish bones left by
the table I'm serving

all transit sounds the same when you have headphones on
a record scratch makes my heart stop
a text from my mother makes my heart stop
I check my bank account everyfriday morning and thank god I'm no longer shaking pennies from
old pant pockets into the coinstar machine

I used to get disgusted with myself for all thet hings I couldn't bbecome with the snap of a finger
now, now I see no forest and no trees, only the infinite roll of an unfurling scroll

all things glow against pink and red and gold like, physics, chemistry can't explain the gasp I
make when the bus rides the Western horizon just as the song crests, just as the words on the
page before me align in the exact sequence that makes my heart fal through its cage, just as I
remember that I'm the peak of my own mountain and all things seem possible above the cloud

clouds with frayed edges like french tulips
clouds that smear like a palette knife whispering through the visible spectrum
clouds in cushion formation waiting for the fall

I wake up at three in the morning and glare at the floor and there's always a little patch of
moonlight that looks like a piece of ticker tape, and I always try to pick it up through bleary eyes
and fumbling fingers and when I realize I've been tricked

I will croak out a drymouthed laugh
and my heart will stop before starting again


Lio Min writes a column for Catapult called Formation Jukebox and shares their work here and here. First here: https://twitter.com/l____i____o Second here: http://instagram.com/emo.ocean

Illustrations this week are by Nick Spolerich. http://instagram.com/kindpainter