3 Poems by Laura Theobald

panties in the sunshine

Disney Poem

You put your mouth around my mouth like Disney
Think of all the spit we’ve shared
How can anything be called romantic
When you wipe your face on my leg
I love that vulgar gesture
We don’t have to call it anything
The sun will come up
I will forget my underwear
Everything can be forgotten

Horses Poem

I am like a carrier pigeon when I am smiling
When I am eating your liver behind a glass door
You could crush me like a pile of horses
But you act like two squirrels fighting over a nut
And you are too difficult

City Poem

The city is like a photograph of a painting of a city
Some days it is not very hard
But sometimes it is like being part of a vast system
Where there is no one to talk to
The cat is licking its dick politely I guess
The rain barks like a scary dog
The moon has never seemed so full of itself
I understand this is a life of mediocrity
I have prepared in every possible way


Laura Theobald is the author of Kokomo (Disorder Press) and What My Hair Says About You (Metatron) plus several chapbooks. She lives in Athens, GA. 

Suzy Exposito is a Cuban-Belizean writer, illustrator, and emo for life. She is the Latin music editor at Rolling Stone. You can follow her on Twitter at @HexPositive and @brujacore on Instagram.