“liposuction” & “shrink” by katixa espinoza

Red figure seated on a white block.


        how does the body live in estranged land
owned my anglo blood carrying within me
a cry behind a scalpel opening the surface
the dermis is recreations of colonized
inheritance of bodies pulling itself upwards
opening arms to doctors who tell us more
about ourselves than our mothers knew
genetically speaking i didn’t inherit her body
stranded in colombia sucking the words
right out goes the tube sucking it all out
goes the names i wish i was never called
the doctor to ask
what is the best way to take shape
in this space i want to feel myself thinning
fulfilling what i’m being asked of
to be an obedient girl living under a knife edge


every morning i put on my tightest dress
as an act of preservation in the words
se ve mejor así the body is
commemorated into yes always yes
is the only thing
my mouth good at

in a tug of the skin
as a practice of excess removal
somewhere buried is a man pulling at
my excess spilling over trying to tuck it in
every night i wrap myself in
if a thought is enough to mourn this body


katixa espinoza is a Miami-born poet based in Queens. Her works can be found on OCCULUM, Vagabond City Lit, Hypertrophic Mag, and other places as well. She exists @katixasaid.

Katbing (@katbingart) is a graphic designer, illustrator and muralist from Los Angeles. She has worked on large-scale installations for Tommy Hilfiger, The Hive Gallery & Studios in LA, and festivals including Desert Daze and Music Tastes Good. Katbing is currently trying her hand at stop motion animation and she is having a really good time and doing a gosh darn great job. Katbing is good at most sports.