“bit of skin” and “Lines from a Salesman” by Kathryn Hummel

Collage of previous weeks' illustrations

bit of skin

what ratbags will do for a bit of skin cannot fit on a long grain of rice in the salar jung
museum or on the credit card slip that partially quantifies what a ratbag might do since
the uber was squared in cash. desire is a queer bird in a petrified forest that doesn’t
cum because of an odd numbing agent in the lube said to solve the problem of preemie
creaming. good for her [?] the package says but sloth as sin when he wants to cum
feels like cumming all over her [?] but has to wait wait wait shrivel wait deflect a scene
fellatio may/not ease. east is east up is up and harder is harder while soap from a
morning shower dissolves like small talk in the night. back to bolts in a basic city back to
shrugging off the insecure like the ex el top shop assistants insist you try. sometimes
the emotion is not worth the labour or unwittingly the shade. you wish to be used by
your workplace want your own dust jacket and place off the shelf preferably on the floor.
when strangers with strange motives are more accessible than kind reminds if you want
something real you need to make it yourself. condiments really do round off a meal so
why not give into them.

Lines from a Salesman

Ur so niec ur goog
U com my shop
Dear Beautiful girl
I mcall you dear
Ur mobil numer send you I m call you
Tell me
I m wait you ur call baba
** is my numer call me
Holo Tell Me
Ur com my shop 3 day ok I m receipt you
Holo ur com my shop ????
Ok My shop open Sunday
Holo Sunday enjoy
Ur com my office
I m go to outside
Ur from live beautiful girl
Tell me
Holo How ru????
Holo beautiful girl
Dinner finish
Holo how ru Ur from live
Ur outside
Holo Holo Ur from Live
Beautiful girl
Holo How ru
How ru
Beautiful girl
Good morning Holo
Beautiful girl Holo
I m outside
And u
Beautiful girl
Tell me beautiful girl


Kathryn Hummel (@katscratchez) is an Australian writer, researcher and multi-media artist constantly on roaming. She is the author of seven books of poems, the latest of which is Lamentville (Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2019), and is part of the editorial team for Australian creative arts journal Verity La. A widely-travelled performance poet and artist-in-residence, Kathryn holds a PhD in Social Sciences is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor.

Illustrations this week are by Nick Spolerich. http://instagram.com/kindpainter