“A Face for Every Feeling,” “Teenage Wasteland” & “Election Night” by Jodi Bosin

Illustration of a horse and a skull

A Face for Every Feeling

i only wear the four shirts on top of the drawer
I don't even know what’s underneath them
i put cream cheese on the bagel too soon
before it cools, it gets all melty
and i want to start my life from the beginning
by myself i long to be with others
and with others i long to be alone, just like milo
monarchs are pieces of tissue paper but they
still fly all the way to mexico
the “x” on my keyboard broke i really have to SLAM it
the death card is actually about rebirth, cool trick
the cards call my bluff as a pessimist
i guess we have plenty of time
you can look at all the roads as wrong
or all of them as right
my sides are many, my angles are not few
i’m the dodecahedron
who the hell are you

Teenage Wasteland

today was grey but glow-y
please remain on the line the next
advocate will be with you shortly
inside the bar they’re playing baba o’riley 
the XLERATOR dryer moves the skin 
on my hands like a giant worm under sand
in waves
i've been fighting pretty hard to prove i'm right
these days
but I don't need to
I don't need to be forgiven

Election Night

i stop on the south street bridge on my way to spencer’s
have i ever just stood here, this still, like this
i feel the stuff beneath me shaking like it's jelly
i guess it’s from the subway, a place i once went every day
but haven’t been in six months or so you know how it is
and that means i am lucky, i am not essential
the buildings on the water are all lit up in red white blue
with flags etc., meaningless, aspirational at best
everyone is talking about the end of the world as if things
haven’t always been shit, i text you a picture of this
i feel like you would understand blurred red 
in dark reflection, you of that other timeline, before i met
the person who i thought was the love of my life
and we all know what happened with that, solid things
that were slurped up by hindsight and other illusions
the other day you messaged that before we met
all you knew about me was that i owned this pizza costume
i said lol thrilled this miscellaneous item turned out to
somehow be my only constant, i keep forgetting
that no matter what we do we will lose everything
but the things that circle back
there is some kind of magic in that


Jodi Bosin is a Philadelphia based writer and social worker with poetry published in Always Crashing, Peach Mag, and HAD as well as self-published zines. Find her on the front porch and on Instagram @jodi_bosin.

Hannah Cranna is a baker, aviculturist, and apothecary artist, living again in Connecticut.