“Naming Ceremony” & “The Man on the Moon Tells Me My Name” by Jahnavi Mehta

Blue person with long hair, glowing halo and earrings, red snakes around their neck and dripping from their eyes

Naming Ceremony

                      When I forget I was born
             into a death wish still bruising
                       from the failings of men
Remind me I am
     a blue thing
you call most holy.

              My sisters have names
     sounding like bubbling
              we meet once at the edge of the sea.

Maybe I am saying
       romanticise cold blood
adopt red snakes dripping off cheeks.

              Maybe I am saying
     loss is only foreboding
              we will be heaved upwards.

                     January leaving in both directions,
                           alter-ed prayers melting
                     ice sheets on mountains.

The Man on the Moon Tells Me My Name

the man on the moon tells me I am a river.
I have been born in the head of a saint.

the man on the moon tells me I am
a million years old. My memories are 
tumblings     falling from the sky. 

the man on the moon tells me an ode     is
always a promise a name 
always a sentence.
Always     an already drawn line.

the man on the moon tells me I should
know how to stay awake     because 
there are no men and there is no moon.
And the only whisper I hear is your voice
etching yearnings into my palms.

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Jahnavi Mehta is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology at Wesleyan University. They write from Bombay.

MJ Sullivan is a queer, nonbinary creative/designer from & currently in New York. As an adult emo, they love curating Spotify playlists, reminiscing on their nights spent in mosh pits & crying to Phoebe Bridgers on long, daily hikes. You can check out their Insta (@mjsullivanart) or their website (mjsullivanart.com) for more of their illustration, design, motion & photography work.