“Runt” & “The Horse Girl Ideal” by Dana Guth

Pink person with orange hair and red blood shooting from their ears


Yesterday my pap smear got canceled
I learned my namesake died from oxycodone
after a horseback riding accident
I always try to be good
I am not good, but I try to be
I have swaddled a baby pig
I have paid close attention to music
I embrace awe on my daily walks
grazing the last brown-spotted leaf
too real to be saved
I write poems to become more
emotionally available
and at midnight, hold you for a long time
endure the shameful visions
the rot of traffic
your red tongue in my ear, still
I shut my eyes and see my parents
huddled in the tipping scales
fourteen hundred thousand locusts
bloating the earth
I’m dying and I can’t stand it

The Horse Girl Ideal

Waking up in a crush
of air, self-effacement air
the throat—be quiet

and let me make you a delicious meal
sweet like your first set of parents

these moonrays
they say I’m Ovulating!

They say
it’s a good time to visit the devil

Nobody can squint in real life
can’t just crawl into limbo coma
I’m talking

There’s going to be a lot more
like me, the Horse Girl Ideal

I like your intramuscular spasms
but don’t say it

instead crystal stream
and fractal-light
gives me

a slice of your hand
a mew look
a pout

It isn’t natural to stare at something for so long
It really isn’t natural to stare
for so long

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Dana Guth is from Baltimore. Her writing has appeared in Ligeia Magazine, SELFFUCK, Dream Pop Journal, Rejection Letters, and elsewhere. She lives in southern Maine. Find her on Twitter @fountainofgooth.

Sara Rubin is an illustrator and video maker living in Los Angeles. Formerly an Executive Producer at BuzzFeed, she now enjoys bringing fantastical scenes and creatures to life through her artwork. Find her @sweetestsara on Twitter and @saraerubin on Instagram.