“A Glossary of Enduro Terms” & “How About Them Apples” by Carson Jordan

Person with red bandana over their face tips their cowboy hat in front of a late night bar's neon sign. Two people in the background stand closely smoking cigarettes.

A Glossary of Enduro Terms

I wish I had
Reba McEntire self respect
I really wish I could
wholly roadhouse you
Hard Body

but instead I am milky soft
like our Holy Mother,
very beautiful baby
Black Belt in Girlfriend
grant wishes over candles
candied pecans
and cherish cherries
in their stain
all hands on aprons
a brain dusty like potpourri

romance as practice,
love spells as word play,
roll my
Steak Eyes just
for you
I cannot get uncuffed
past my personhood
so sweet
on your petulance

I am
so sick of
origin stories

How About Them Apples

she used to say
Vayas Con Dios
as an insult
extracting promises
gifts from Guilt

I do not sleep
on delicious
Blue Tarp Baby
your butter conduit
wash the glass with heaven
it must be deserved
to be this rich

& Where Have All
The Cowboys Gone
out smitten with women
who smoke cigarettes
I armed myself with limes
kept them at the ready
ever willing to be their
Good Time Girl

I am of the religion of
Too Much
but you are the only thing
I never left cleaner

I’ve made a mess of you
how about it

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Carson Jordan is once stripper, always poet, and Pisces rising. She wants her work to be read by and accessible to the sluts, weirdos, and working class. If you enjoy her work, follow her on Instagram @cahhhhson or Twitter @carsobthecowgal.

MJ Sullivan is a queer, nonbinary creative/designer from & currently in New York. As an adult emo, they love curating Spotify playlists, reminiscing on their nights spent in mosh pits & crying to Phoebe Bridgers on long, daily hikes. You can check out their Insta (@mjsullivanart) or their website (mjsullivanart.com) for more of their illustration, design, motion & photography work.