“Scorpius,” “Check Out This Neverending Garden! I Planted It for Us,” & “Ice Cold Water” by Bee Morris

white and blue pencil-drawn cumulonimbus clouds are passing over a pink chrome 3d rainbow shape, the background is nearly black like the night sky with a few hand drawn sparkles surrounding the clouds.


I feel just like a strummed guitar; headless & full of airy bones.

Light could be the daybreak. This is the end of it.
Reeling to contextualize the stunted growth of a flower.

This, the new shape of literature.

A screen: a subtitle sits there. Such unease makes my androgyny.

I’m a fiend for the way you can’t pronounce “cumulonimbus”
        but you know the night sky by name.

So you see it. We’re not invisible. It’s all transformation in the end.

Things like magic & thunder coexist on this earth.

We can stretch it so far. It is warm enough. It expresses.

Check Out This Neverending Garden! I Planted It for Us

     all green & speechless
     like a springlet

          sending u
     updates so long as
     the ground’s wet          enough

     saw a color of the sky
     & decided to be ravenous
                    about it

     intravenous as it was
     to me

          & in a dream
     I straight up deserved
          every moment of this

Ice Cold Water

when you make me
     it’s a flirting

it’s the plural of esophagus
& I do not want to help it
     self-loved as I am

how will I rest?
     I will not
     I will I

          the kissed television
     yr face      my favorite face

how happy we are in our skins
& even outside them

how lucky our skins are
in this era of odd beauty

how blackdyke-blessed I feel
this morning      thinking      ice-cold water
                         & drinking of you

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Bee Morris is the author of Alive on Planet Earth, released as part of Ghost City Press’s 2021 Summer Series. Their recent work appears or is forthcoming in No Contact, Poet Lore, Underblong, Hobart, and elsewhere. Bee also runs the newsletter Blackout Fascinations.

Alex Luciano is an illustrator, printmaker and art educator located in Richmond, VA. When she’s not teaching classes or geeking out over Riso, you can find her wrangling her hound pup, Cowboy. Come hang out on the internet with her — ig: @g_a_l_e_x.